Thursday 27 April 2023

Description of ShweNote: 30 min book summary
­čö╣Business and Management
­čö╣Sales and Marketing
­čö╣Psychology and Happiness
­čö╣History and Politics
­čö╣General Knowledge
­čö╣Family and Education
­čö╣Personal Development
­čö╣Health and Food
­čö╣Best Seller
Learn the key lessons of Non-fiction books in 15 - 30 Minutes.
There are over 100000 books publishing every year. So, How to Read all of these books Faster? In our world today, we are often too busy to finish a book. ShweNote offering a fresh way of learning, and to promoting universal access to knowledge.
ShweNote summarizes the key ideas of the world’s bestselling books in Myanmar Language. You can remove your language barrier with ShweNote.
­čö╣Top Quality Summarized Books
­čö╣Audio Books
­čö╣Personal Library
­čö╣Offline Download Mode
­čö╣Powerful EPUB Reader

­čö╣Weekly New Books
­čö╣Weekly Free Book
­čö╣Cheapest Price
ShweNote is the first book summary app in Myanmar. You can read International Best Selling Books in just 15-30 minutes.
Our team consists of passionate members with various educational backgrounds. Our mission is to introduce the world's best selling books to Myanmar People. We hope our effort can support to build the better country.
COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Some of the contents and book covers are loaded from public sources. Feel free to contact us if you have any complaint.

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