Monday 19 June 2023

Description of Fake Caller
It is said that 30,000+ users downloaded Fake Caller latest version on 9Apps for free every week! You get various free apps from the store. This hot app was released on 2019-08-06. 9Apps allows you to download more apps and updated daily!
The only app that gives you 2 FREE calls a day. We're the only app that gives you 100% FREE calls.
Why Fake Caller?
Fake Caller has been used by over 2 million people, who have used Fake Caller to make over 9 million calls. Fake Caller is easy to use, free to try and gives you crystal-clear calls. You can also change your voice to sound like a man, or a woman. Each call can be optionally recorded to

 listen later, or share with your friends for endless laughs.
Use Fake Caller to find out if your significant other is cheating on you, call back random numbers, or prank your friends. Take back your anonymity by masking your voice, fake your friends into thinking your a man or a woman.
Fake Caller FEATURES
• Change your voice
to sound like a man or a woman
• Record calls
to listen later, or share with family and friends

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