Thursday 7 September 2023

About Fake Chat
Fake chat can be used to create pranks, jokes or stories.
It's not a real chatting app, It's a fake chat maker app used for creating jokes, memes, and stories.
Note:- If you are looking for an online chatting application then It's not a real chatting app
Using this app you can create a funny fake chat that looks real chat then you can take the screenshot and send it to your friends.
This is so much fun.
Fake chats can be used to:
•Create chat memes and jokes
•Talk with your imaginary friends
•Prank your friends

•Fake Chat With anyone (Not real)
•Endless fun
Fake Chat features:
*Unlimited messages
*Stickers Available
*Simple to use
*You can edit every detail.
*One-click chat Screenshot
*Photos to make it look real
*Minimal storage usage
*Up to date features and layouts
*Easy to use interface

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