Tuesday 5 September 2023

About Meitu
A professional photo editing tool - Photo retouching, AI selfie mkaing, filters & more.
Meitu is a free mobile app that provides a comprehensive photo and video editing experience, featuring advanced AI Art technology to generate unique anime-style photos with a single tap. 
Recover dull, washed-out photos with a few taps on Meitu. Make your pictures look more vibrant! There are lots of stuff to try on in Meitu, now let's see what can you do with Meitu.
Make your dull PHOTOS come to life with:
- Filters: Over 200 selectable filters to choose from.
- Unique Art Photo Effects: Generate beautiful AI selfie portraits.
- Instant: Beautification: Adjust facial features instantly.
More Additional features: Mosaic, Magic Brush, Add-ons, Collage templates, professional body reshaping options, etc.
It's not just about photos, you can also edit VIDEOS on Meitu and optimize videos with:
Artsy filters, cute fonts, Interesting sticks, beautiful songs, and the Portrait Retouch functionality.
Meitu VIP members can unlock over 1000 VIP-exclusive filters, stickers, stylish makeup and many other special materials.

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