Thursday 5 October 2023

Description of Sleep Sounds
Sleep Sounds brings great collection of HD relax melodies that can be mixed into the perfect relaxing ambiences. You can choose from different types of rain, nature sounds, city sounds, animal sounds or instruments.
You can schedule the timer that will automatically stop the application.
Sleep Sounds does not require internet connection so you can use it anywhere without worrying about the data.
You can choose from 43 carefully selected sounds divided into the four groups:
- Rain sounds (i.e. rain on the window, thunders, storms, snow, rain in forest...)
- Nature sounds (i.e. forest, creek, desert, ocean, cave...)
- Animal sound (i.e birds, owls, wolves, frogs, cat purring, crikets...)
- City sounds 
- Meditation sounds (i.e piano, oriental flute, eternity, lullaby...)
And so much more!
Enjoy Great Features.
- High quality ambient sounds and melodies
- Binaural beats and relaxing sounds for brainwave entrainment
- Create your own ambience mix by combining sounds and music to relax
- Default mixes for an easy startup
- Save your mixes as favorites
- Timer to set duration of your relaxation session
- Beautiful interface with high quality images
- Works offline
Try it today and reclaim your sleep.

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