Monday 12 February 2024

Description of CPU - X: System /Hardware info
• CPU Info (architecture, core, processor, gpu, ram)
• Device Info (Model, board, brand, screen resolution, camera, network type and others).
• System (Android Version, API Level, Kernel, Build Version, Root Access and others)
• Battery (Level%, Technology, Health, Voltage, temperature and others)
• Sensor (Accelerometer, barometer, compass, magnetic field, pressure, gravity and others).
CPU-X Tool: System & Hardware Info is free utility app to check specs about device in a popular way of identification. CPU-X Tool shows information about device like Processor, Cores, Speed, Model, RAM, ROM, Camera, Sensors etc.
Device IDs: Information about IMEI, SIM Serial No., Android Device ID, IP Address, Wi-Fi Mac
Address etc.
* CPU Status: See the percent of time CPU run in frequency state since device power switched on.
* CPU Details: Info: Processor type, Architecture, CPU Revision, CPU Serial, Hardware Info, No of Cores
* Check Device Info: Brand, Model, Board, Camera, Network Type, CPU Health etc.
* Check System Information: Api level, Kernel, Android Version, Build Version, Root Access and others.
* System Phone: General Information about Device model and manufacture, Android OS version, System up-time, etc.
* Battery Monitor: - Monitor level, temperature and voltage of battery, Health, Technology, Level%, Voltage, temperature and others.
* Check Display Info: Screen Resolution, Pixels Density, Aspect Ratio
* Check Graphics Info: GPU, Video Drawer
* Check Sensors info: Bluetooth, WI-Fi, GPS, Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope, Light, Magnetic Field, Linear Acceleration, Orientation, Pressure, Proximity, NFC, Rotation Vector, Temperature, Gravity etc.
* Build Info: Device id, device build id, device build time, board, boot loader, hardware info, and user detail.
* Memory Info: detailed analysis of RAM including RAM usage, buffers, cache and swap.
* Camera Info: diagnostic tool for your camera hardware, reports information about picture resolution, lens, focal length and other camera features.
* Storage Info: shows information about storage devices (HDDs, eMMCs, SD Cards).
Yes this app gives almost all my device information.

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