Tuesday 5 March 2024

Description of Messenger: Text Messages, SMS
You don't have much time to care about families and friends ...
Let Messenger: Text Messages, SMS be the person who sends love messages and connects you with them.
Keep in touch with friends and family anytime, anywhere via Messenger: Text Messages(SMS, MMS), sharing pictures, GIFs, emojis, videos & audio, and stickers messages to others. Messenger app provides a powerful text (SMS & MMS) function.
Messenger: Text Messages, SMS is a free, simple and fast app that can help you manage all your messengers. Besides, you can easily chat with family and friends.
Features for Messenger App as below :
SMS & MMS: you can easily receive, read, send and forward text messages. We also support MMS such as pictures, audio and video messages.
Group messaging: Add multiple contacts to the message to enter group messaging mode
Spam Blocking: Block messages from strange phone numbers.
Delete Conversation: Conveniently delete easily messages.
Support Dual SIM: Support two SIM. Handles your message.
Pin conversations to the top
Archive Message
Mute Notifications: Mute unwanted message notifications.
Add contacts via messages: Add new numbert to current/new contacts.
Quich Dial: Reply to others by calls after you read the messages.
With many themes, emojis, bubbles, colors and fonts to make conversations interesting and not boring:
- Sticker Maker: More than 100 new sticker types updated
- Theme Messenger For SMS, Theme Dark Mode, Theme Rain, etc ...
- You can also create separate themes to your liking
- Design - Stylish conversation interface
- Custom colorful bubble chat: With many customization options like bubbles, colors and fonts
- Font amazing: There are over 500 fonts for your application
New Messenger Version 2024 is a beautiful SMS app theme that will offer a fabulous look to your phone or tablet.
If you like our app, please share it with your friends and families.
Besides, Please give us a 5-start rating to support the developer and you can any questions for us. We will try our best to incorporate your feedback in our next release. 

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