Thursday 21 March 2024

Description of Sleep Timer for Spotify
The Spotify trademark belongs to Spotify AB. This is not an official Spotify application.
Neither myself (the developer) nor the application are in any way affiliated or endorsed by Spotify. No copyright infringement intended.
A simple Spotify sleep timer. Play Spotify on your device and choose a time when you want music to stop playing.
Stop all music and videos automatically with Sleep Timer for Spotify and Music. All music and video players will be shut off when the timer ends, so you can sleep well.
This app is compatible with every music and video player on your phone.
Sleep Timer lets you fall asleep to your favorite music. You simply start your music, and then set
 the countdown timer. At the end of the countdown, Sleep Timer softly fades your music out and stops it. Allowing you to get your precious sleep and save your phone battery and save your phone battery and give you a beautiful night's sleep.
Main function:
• Turn off the music
Sleep Timer can stop music applications such as Youtube, Facebook video, Spotify, Zing mp3, Netflix, NhacCuaTui ...
• Turn off wifi and Bluetooth
Sleep Timer helps save PIN when you do not need to use Wifi / Bluetooth
• Turn off the screen
Sleep Timer can lock the screen automatically according to the time or PIN you set.
• Shake to extend timer
Sometimes falling asleep is not that easy. Our shake to extend allows you to shake the phone to extend the duration of the timer, without you having to unlock your phone.
Some permissions that the application needs
• Internet: used for reporting bugs and updating new settings.
• Wifi / Bluetooth: Allows the app to check the status and turn off wifi / Bluetooth.
• FOREGROUND_SERVICE: Allows applications to run in the background to be able to turn off music, wifi, Bluetooth, screen.
• Device Administrator: Allows the application to lock the screen. You can disable permissions from system settings or in-app settings.

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